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About Crystal Falls

Hello everyone,

Before I introduce myself, I would like to say a huge thank you to Emma and Craig for trusting me with their dream and also to wish them well in their next exciting chapter. Emma has been amazing at building Crystal Falls and I’m forever grateful to them both for giving me this fantastic opportunity to learn all she knows and I’m so happy she has trusted me to carry on with her vision.

So I am Zoe, I live in North East England and I have been on my Spiritual Journey for a few years, I have completed Tarot courses, various Psychic Development + Spiritual Awareness courses and recently started learning Reiki.  I have a huge passion for Crystals and all the healing properties that they have, I must admit I have a bit of a Crystal addiction and I can’t wait to learn more and help you develop your love too. I always have a crystal in my pocket, which my washing machine can vouch for and I have recently completed an advanced Crystal Healing course.  I feel I have been led to this path and I am really hoping you will help and support this small family business if you can.

On a personal note, I am always 100 miles an hour and don’t often stop for breath (ADHD brain). But I have lovely supportive family and friends, who I know will help me in this new exciting adventure.  I currently work two part time jobs but I am hoping that one job might give, as I try to grow and nurture Crystal Falls.

At weekends I’m extremely lucky to have a caravan by the sea, so I am often found sat on the beach watching the waves, collecting driftwood and sea glass – my favourite place to be.  I am also very passionate about charity work and I am a trustee for a fantastic charity called True Colours Theatre which I am hoping to be able to donate a percentage of sales too once I get started.

Please drop me a message, I would love to help and guide you on your Spiritual Journey too.

Lots of Love and Light to you all


Zoe xx

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Crystal Falls’ Aims

Our desire isn’t just about making money but we want every purchase to be meaningful and right for you.  We are very much a family business and seek to provide the best possible service to you and your spiritual and physical journey.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments and we will do our best to help you as much as we can.

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