Apophyllite (B)


Apophyllite (B) approx 5cm for individual sale with benefits including:

  • Taps into hidden psychic powers
  • Balances male and female energies
  • increases awareness and intuition
  • Cleanses your Auric field
  • Brings you closer to the Angelic realm

The presence of Apophyllite in a room enhances the energies as it is a powerful vibrational transmitter, It creates a conscious connection between the physical and spiritual realms. Psychologically Apophyllite promotes introspection into ones own behaviour and the correction of imbalances or flaws that are perceived it abandons pretence and breaks down reserve. Mentally it has a calming effect, its an effective stress reducer , releasing mental blockages and negative thought patterns. Spiritually this stone calms and grounds the spirit, it has strong links with the spiritual realm, it facilitates out of body journey and spiritual vision. Apophyllite is regarded as the stone par excellence to assist Reiki healing it facilitates taking the patient into a deeper state of relaxation and receptiveness.

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