Black Kyanite Blades


Black Kyanite Blades 2 for 99p with benefits including:

  • Psychological healing
  • Aids manifestation
  • Draws out disease
  • Earth healing

Black Kyanite is a powerful earth and psychological healing tool that assists in manifesting the desired soul plan whilst releasing unwanted soul ties that no longer serve a purpose.  This stone highlights the consequence of current choices being made and assists in the visualisation of a desired outcome when seeking a new manifestation in life.  Black Kyanite draws disease and stagnant energy from the physical body replenishing it with a positive life force.  Physically this stone keeps cells connected to the overall perfect divine blueprint to maintain optimum health.  This is a potent tool for those who have difficulty fully incarnating into earth life, assists mental cleansing, the reproductive systems, muscles, adrenals, throat and parathyroid and also helps ovarian or ovulation pain.


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