Blue Kyanite Pieces


  • Spiritual guidance
  • To enhance your intuition
  • To promote peace and compassion
  • To stimulate creative energy
  • To aid in communication with your guides, animal archetypes, and angels
  • To enhance your personal exploration of your spiritual nature

The name Kyanite is derived from the Greek term cyanos (blue) – and this beautiful gemstone is! Kyanite is one of the most attractive blue minerals in nature, sometimes showing intense shades of blue or even multiple shades of blue with colour zoning in a single crystal.

Kyanite is one of the most soothing healing crystals you can ask for. For anyone whose nerves are constantly tense, or who is prone to quick outbursts of anger or anxiety, this is the stone you need to calm troubled minds and get chaotic emotions back under control. Kyanite can be a great stone for facilitating communication and developing compassion. For those who need a little nurturing when it comes to connecting vocally with those around you, this stone will give you the intuitive knowledge, lyrical flow and tone of understanding to express yourself.

Blue Kyanite opens the throat chakra and promotes communication and self-expression. It breaks through fears and helps to speak one’s truth. It is very useful for public speakers and artists as it strengthens the voice and heals the throat and larynx.

Kyanite can also be a great stone to help recall dreams. Sometimes we receive our most important messages from the universe while we sleep, and being able to remember these dreams helps us pick apart the meaning and decipher what our intuition and the greater universe have to tell us. Most importantly, kyanite is a crystal that invites you to heal. It invites you to look deeply within yourself, to stop being stuck in a victim mentality, and to gain proper control over your own life. It encourages you to think logically, asks you to not be so attached to your intense emotions and to find your soul path with certainty.

It is an amazing natural pain reliever and helps with everything from lowering blood pressure to fighting inflammation and warding off infections of all kinds. For those who have suffered physical trauma in their lives, kyanite can be a stone that supports recovery beautifully. It helps the brain heal by sharpening the mind. It helps in the formation of the neural pathways. And since it also contributes to a good night’s sleep and healthy eating habits, it puts your basic health in top shape for healing your body.

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