Crystal Starter Gift Set

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Crystal Healing Starter Gift Set comprising of

  • Amethyst – stress reliever, positive energy, strengthens psychic abilities
  • Black tourmaline – Protection, grounding, neutralises anxiety and fears
  • Clear quartz – Master healer, Amplifies other crystals, lifts vibration
  • Moonstone – Balances hormones, heighten intuition, Restores mental balance
  • Golden tigers eye – enhances confidence, peace and balance, strengthens creativity
  • Rose Quartz – self love, increases self esteem and empathy and self worth
  • Sodalite – De-stressing, deep relaxation, calms and clears the mind
  • Smokey Quartz – removes negative energies, elevates mood, relieves depression
  • Hematite – self confidence, aids memory, repels negative vibrations
  • Selenite stick – this will keep your crystals charged and cleansed

all come together in a hinged wooden box, ideal for those just starting out on their crystal journey or an ideal gift for children and adults alike.

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1 review for Crystal Starter Gift Set

  1. Nadine (verified owner)

    Great little set to start off your crystal journey. Great selection of crystals. Good size and a perfect place to keep them all.

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