Fuchsite rough crystal   for individual sale with benefits including:

  • Teaches self worth
  • Amplifies the energy of other crystals and facilitates their transfer
  • balances red and white blood cells
  • Helps with Carpel tunnel and RSI
  • Stone of rejuvenation and renewal

Fuchsite is one of the most elegant and beautiful stones you will see with its amazing sparkle it deserves its nickname of “the stone of the fairies”. It has strong Metaphysical properties and just by looking into the depths of this sparkling stone may quickly relieve stress and give feelings of calm, it is a stone of love and compassionate energy that will rejuvenate the emotional body, this stone will take  the ‘weight off your shoulders’ and provide nourishing vibrations to heart and soul. Fuchsite’s power pushes you into a very relaxed state so is perfect for someone looking to engage in deep meditation, though don’t let its tranquil vibe fool you, it is also a powerful protection stone, especially to guard loved ones, possessions and yourself from harmful energy.

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