Green Aventurine Palmstones


Green Aventurine Palmstones (approx 4cm) for individual sale with benefits including:

  • Stone of prosperity
  • Protects against environmental pollution
  • Stabilises the mind
  • Calms anger and irritation

Green Aventurine is a very positive stone of prosperity and wearing it absorbs electromagnetic smog and protects against environmental pollution.   This crystal defuses negative situations and turns them around whilst also reinforcing leadership qualities and decisiveness yet maintaining compassion and empathy.

It will also help in taking you into the past to find sources of disease and relieves stammers and severe neurosis bringing understanding of what lies behind the conditions.   Green Aventurine stabilises ones state of mind, stimulates perception and enhances creativity.  It sees alternatives and possibilities, especially those presented by other people.

It calms anger and irritation and stimulates emotional recovery and living within ones own heart.  Physically Green Aventurine benefits the thymus gland, connective tissue and nervous system; it balances blood pressure and stimulates the metabolism lowering cholesterol and preventing arteriosclerosis and heart attacks.  It as an anti-inflammatory effect and helps ease skin eruptions and allergies, relieves migraine headaches and soothes the eyes.

What a fantastic healing stone is Green Aventurine.

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