Larvikite Tower approx 8cm


Larvikite Tower Approx 8cm For individual sale with benefits including:

  • Evokes inner strength by stimulating creativity, wisdom, and security
  • Known to enhance psychic abilities, and promote clarity to past-life recall visions
  • Stone of inner transformation that helps one better adapt to change
  • Known as the “worry stone” due to its ability to help overcome anxiety

Larvikite is a wise and protective stone.  It cancels out dark magic and hexes, and repels all forms of negative energy.  It cleanses our spiritual bodies of old energy that no longer serves us, including painful karma from past lives it is also a powerful shaman stone, sharpening our inner visions, strengthening our psychic powers and the grounding energy in Larvikite makes it ideal for grounding during a deep meditation or astral travel, acting as an anchor to guide your soul back to your body.

The energies of this stone will protect you in your day to day activities, and it will offer protection even when you are asleep, Larkivite is also very cleansing to the body. It will remove the toxins and the negative energies from both the physical and etheric bodies. Anything that’s harmful or no longer needed will be dispelled by this stone, and you will be able to enjoy a positive flow of energies.

Larvikite is an ideal stone to stimulate inner visions and enhance our psychic abilities.

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