Mini Caribbean Calcite Tower – 8cm


A Truly Beautiful Caribbean Calcite Mini Tower – 8 cm – This mini tower is oozing in druzy and is also an 8 facet, which means that point has a lot more power.

Its quite rare to find an 8 facet so I’m kind of hoping doesn’t sell so it can appear in my stock….

Caribbean Calcite comes in a variety of colours, ranging from marine colours to light beige and khaki. This gemstone has unique design motifs and emits relaxing frequencies, as well as relaxing and therapeutic qualities that you may feel simply by glancing at it. Caribbean Calcite has deep relaxing therapeutic qualities that help quiet the spirit, provide internal vision, and raise awareness. It clears the mind, allowing you to continue living filled with emotion, peace, and genuine pleasure

Engaging with Caribbean Calcite’s energies may be a refreshing change that brings tranquility, cleanliness, and beauty to your day.

Caribbean Calcite invigorates your intellect and brings tranquility to your emotional life, allowing you to appreciate everything around you completely. It links you to your ultimate reality by clearing and activating the Throat Chakra. Eventually, it will lead one to discover talents and limitations, better understand people, and become more empathetic.

Calcite relieves feelings of frustration and substitutes them with a sense of calm. Once it comes to managing and purifying all systems, this is a fantastic gemstone to utilize. It’s a grounding gemstone that boosts our confidence in our intuition and increases our capacity to bounce back from failures.

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