Moss Agate Power Bracelet


This beautiful Power bracelet will be amazing on any wrist and also stretches to fit too. It’s elegant design will look lovely with any outfit. It truly is a beautiful bracelet, I often receive lots of comments when wearing this bracelet.

Moss Agate is a translucent to white Chalcedony with rich, green moss-like inclusions.  Moss Agate is associated with nature, agriculture, and new beginnings, but it is also associated with nature spirits and bringing Earth energy into its healing. Put Moss Agate around plants to foster better growth!

The gentle, nurturing energy of Moss Agate encourages the user to appreciate and enjoy each moment on Earth, and assists the planet in its healing as well.  Moss Agate is considered a “birthing” crystal that can assist midwives in their work.

Use Moss Agate to balance the Heart Chakra when releasing stress. Moss Agate also comforts and soothes emotional wounds, helping to release old habits as well as promote forgiveness.  It also attracts wealth and abundance, improves self-esteem, and helps to calm and release fears.

Physically, Moss Agate may help with depression, especially when caused by brain imbalances. It cleanses and detoxes the circulation and elimination systems of the body.

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