Opalite Power Bracelet


This beautiful Power bracelet will be amazing on any wrist and also stretches to fit too. It’s elegant design will look lovely with any outfit.

Opalite promotes peace and tranquility and is often used in meditation practices. It is believed to help balance yin and yang energies within the body and to encourage communication with higher realms. Opalite is also thought to assist in astral travel and heighten psychic abilities.

As the natural Opalite is very rare to find, it only occurs in opalized volcanic ash in countries like Africa and Brazil. The Feldspar family of minerals comprises several lesser-known gemstones. Still, Natural Opalite is one of the best-known stones for its ability to clear the mind and release negative energy. Opalite is believed to promote new beginnings by giving strength to break away from past habits or situations holding back from success. Owning an Opalite stone might be the key to opening up a new world of possibilities.

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