Smudging Kit


Purchase a smudging kit which includes:

  • An ornate abalone shell to hold the falling cinders and remains of the sage when burning.  This shell is known for enhancing a sense of peace, compassion and love.
  • A stick of white sage
  • A stick of Palo Santo – Known as ‘holy wood’ and whereas sage will remove negativity, this wood will replace it with positive energy when burned.
  • A Selenite stick which aids in the cleansing effect of smudging.

Smudging is the action of burning sage for the purpose of spiritual cleansing and is done as a blessing by indigenous people around the world.  In more modern times, smudging is used to cleanse atmospheres removing negative energies and spirits and builds greater spiritual awareness as sage is known to encourage wisdom to whoever works with it.

The exact herb and method is different depending on the culture but dried white sage is used most commonly because it is regarded by many as a sacred healing herb and its smoke clears the energy of a person or atmosphere.

Smudging is beneficial for people who are suffering with depression, negativity or illness as it is believed to clear the biofield around that person. It may also be helpful to prepare a place for a new purpose, removing stale and stagnant energy and welcoming positive new intentions into the space.

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