Zebra Jasper Mini Heart


Zebra Jasper Mini Hearts (approx 3cm) – chunky – truly beautiful stones that fit nicely in your pocket to keep you grounded. It is know as “The Stone of Balance”.

No matter how chaotic your life might be, there are no doubts that such a crystal will give you a bit of harmony in a crazy daily life.  It will keep you on track and grounded in the physical aspect of your life, rather than provide an unrealistic feeling of reality.

With these thoughts of the mind, zebra jasper is the type of stone you need if you put things off and delay stuff. If you tend to leave everything for tomorrow, again and again, chances are having zebra jasper around will help you out. Some other healers refer to this crystal as the stone of apathy for the exact same reasons.

Zebra Jasper has black striping on a white surface and is a versatile healing crystal, which is said to help with any kidney or bladder problems. Affecting the root chakra, Zebra Jasper is a grounding stone and can help unite any energies and apply them to where they are needed.

This healing crystal is also said to improve complexion by reducing blemishes and redness to the skin

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